One of our values is quality, and we believe that our swimwear solutions offer great quality and brilliant value for money. In the twelve years that our Aussie-made brand has been going, we have not received one garment back due to poor workmanship or faults. We are so proud of this achievement.

We also personally check each product and have a 100% rating in our quality control.

On top of this, our swimwear is made to last. The fabric we use has long life elastane which means it should last longer than regular spandex given the right care. I can vouch for this as I still wear the same rash top that I bought five years ago!

Lastly, because we have carefully designed our garments to fit superbly, creating classic styles, we don’t follow fads or the latest trends. We offer timeless swimwear pieces that look right year after year, and we offer them in timeless and classic colours.

In the long run the investment you make by buying a Suncheeter Australia product pays off.

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