Today it is important to spend your money wisely and a way you can do this is by buying garments that have multi uses. Our Suncheeter Australia swimwear is designed to be worn at the beach, but can also be worn at the gym, walking the dog, or even out to the shops or local cafe. Yes, our swim leggings and swim dresses are designed for surf to sweat.

Whether you are on the beach or at the gym, the fabric is designed to carry the heat away from the body and performs as well whether you are wet or dry.

On a cold winter day, I ran a short fun run of 5kms and chose to run in my Suncheeter Australia leggings and rash top. I was protected from the UV rays, felt super comfortable, and didn’t get overheated at all. Oh yes, and my leggings stayed up, with no riding down which I was thrilled about!

Being able to use my Suncheeter swimwear for multiple purposes means my cost per wear is way down, and I am certainly getting value for money.

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