We are an Australian business that offers solutions to the issue of swimsuit anxiety, which is a real thing affecting more women than you would expect.

We have decades of experience in designing womenswear garments and ensuring the fit is perfect, which we know through research is the number ONE factor for women when shopping, especially when shopping for swimwear.

We embrace the Lasting Fashion philosophy. We think we need to do our part to slow down the clothing consumption rate by offering swimwear that lasts.

From the start we made a conscious decision to use the very best fabrics available, and we believe that you will love the softness and colour fastness of our fabric with the added bonus of UVP50+ sun protection.

Our products are designed to give you back your beach-life; whilst swimming, lazing, playing with kids, beach walking, paddle boarding, canoeing, and body surfing – they are rashie tops after all! Oh, and you can wear them to the cafe, ice-cream shop or the supermarket, ensuring you look comfortable, stylish and confident.

Relax, we have you covered!


If you have any feedback just email us on info@suncheeter.com.au.

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