Suncheeter came about while we were having a family holiday in Western Australia, sitting on hot beaches and baking under the sun.

I love the beach, I enjoy the sensation of heat and relaxation while reading a book under a sun shade or playing with my children on the shore, contrasted by the thrill of diving into clear cold sea water. I have been a beach-lover since I was young and well before having a family of my own.

As I have matured, two things have happened to me; one is that I have lost much of the confidence I used to feel about my body, especially in the vulnerable state of having to show more of my body than I feel comfortable. The second is that the sun has got hotter and more brutal. It is possible to get badly sunburnt far quicker than before.

With a background in clothing product development and a good understanding of fabrics, I decided that I should design a product that addressed both of these needs and started making sun safe tops for myself, my family and for friends.

Suncheeter was born from this. I aim to create products that are both flattering to your shape as well as offering exceptional protection from the sun. They are designed to ensure you feel confident and comfortable, and to enable you to regain your beach-life; whilst swimming, playing with kids, beach walking, paddle boarding and body surfing – they are rashie tops after all!

In recent years, our business has grown to become a family business, with each member now participating in design, marketing and customer experience. 


- Kate, Founder of Suncheeter