Did you know swimsuit anxiety is an actual condition. Research undertaken with over 100,000 women suggests that 30% of women interviewed felt some degree of swimsuit anxiety.

What is swimsuit anxiety? It’s a slight feeling of awareness and nervousness you get when you start to think about Summer and the beach. It can happen when you get the first pool party invite, or when planning your Summer get away on the beach.

For some women this feeling grows so much, it results in them choosing not to miss out on these activities with family and friends. But why miss out?

I am sure everyone can remember that special feeling of getting to the beach, the warm sand between our toes, the glowing bite of the sun on our shoulders, and the cool feel of the water as you splash in. It’s a real shame to miss out on these simple pleasures.

Suncheeter Australia swimwear has been designed to offer swimsuit solutions to help women overcome their swimsuit anxiety and get back to the beach again.

Our best-selling Swimdresses are the perfect solution to this, they are specifically designed by an expert to cover the areas that make you feel anxious; the tummy, arms, and bum, whilst creating a flattering shape.

Couple these with our swim leggings in three leg lengths, and you have just the right amount of coverage to get your confidence back. Our swim leggings are firm fitting and compress the body slightly and they have a high waist which flattens a looser tummy and they are designed using fabric that will stay up.

What’s there to wait for? Get into Suncheeter today and reclaim the fun times.


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