Swim suit anxiety becomes the hot topic of discussion as soon as spring rolls around. It doesn’t matter what continent you are living on, swim suit anxiety is felt by women all around the world.

So many women are staying at home because they do not want to wear a traditional bathing suit in public.

Summer is the season where our bodies are on full display and, well, that can be super uncomfortable. Whether we feel older, less sexy, or have gained a few kilos over the past year, exposing the skin we’re in can be a challenge.

A survey in the US found that more than 30% of women say they plan on wearing cover-ups when at the beach or pool and one in five say they’ll avoid the beach entirely.

But if you remember when summer felt like freedom, when everyday was spent outside, at the beach running around in your swim suits, rekindle that love for this time of year. The perfect beach body is the one you already have and if you need a little confidence boost wear a rash top or swim dress. But don't miss out on summer!

October 19, 2021 — Lucy Dear

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